Law Dogs Driver Education is a locally owned family company founded on the principle that we can make a safer community through quality education. That quality education starts with our instructors. We only employ certified law enforcement officers, or instructors who have a minimum of 12 years of law enforcement experience. Kathleen Peterson, Founder and CEO of Law Dogs, began teaching high school students in 1997. Her husband Ty started his career as a police officer the same year. Kathleen used her years of teaching to develop a state certified curriculum, and combined that with her husband’s police skills and training to create a premiere driving school. Our instructors blend Kathleen’s teaching philosophy, with the training and experience of law enforcement officers, to provide a level of driver education that cannot be matched.

The US Military has Special OPS units. At Law Dogs, we have OPS Cops. For us, “OPS” stands for: Off-duty, Police, Services. We are able to put our police training and experiences to work for you, as we guide your students to becoming safe and defensive drivers.


“The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.”

Dudley Moore