Why choose Law Dogs Driving School?

We have “OPS Cops”.

Our “OPS Cops”, as we call them, have the unique opportunity to make a connection with our students on their level. As current police officers, and former officers, we bring to the classroom a level of training and experience that can not be matched. As parents, you want the piece of mind that your child’s driving instructor is the very best. Our instructors have enforced the laws, investigated crashes, and have been patrolling streets for years. When interacting with law enforcement, teens as well as many adults share the same anxieties about being pulled over, or even approached by an officer. Our OPS Cops can bridge that gap by educating the students from every perspective; from the eyes of a cop, a parent, and as a fellow driver sharing the streets.

Our instructors have over 30 years of combined experience. The experience gained through their police work and first hand knowledge of driver errors, crashes and their aftermath are not comparable to other schools who can only talk of what they have heard or read.

Our instructors have training in traffic accident investigation. Some have several years teaching experience as a DARE officers. Our Instructors are highly trained behind the wheel as a result of their police training. Our instructors have received training in emergency vehicle operation, and have been trained to drive in every weather condition.

Bottom Line: You will have your own personal OPS Cop seated right next to your kids, guiding them along their way to becoming safe and defensive drivers.

What are the normal office hours?

Law Dogs Driver Education maintains a home office that is open to the public by appointment only. Most of our business is conducted at the classroom, but we will be happy to open our doors to schedule an appointment when needed.

When can I take driver’s education?

You can take the 30 hour classroom or On-Line instruction at 14 1/2, though we recommend that you are closer to 15 1/2 before enrolling in our classroom program. A student must attain a valid Instruction Permit within 13 months of completing the 30 hour state approved classroom/On-Line session.

How do I sign up for your courses?

Visit our services webpage and click on the “register button” for the class you are intending to enroll in.

What are my Payment Options?

Credit/Debit cards are welcome through PayPal and Stripe.  We also accept Cash or personal check the first night of class. Class fees must be paid on the 1st day of class unless other arrangements are arranged prior to that date. Non paid fees will result in no BTW lessons until balance is paid in full. Inquire about our payment plan that allows you to pay the total fee in three installments.

When can I take the behind-the-wheel (BTW) portion of your program?

Once a student reaches the age of 15, they can apply for their instructional permit. Also, the MV3001 form will be emailed to students upon completion of the 30 hour curriculum. You can take the BTW program once you receive a valid Wisconsin Instruction Permit from the DMV. 

When am I eligible for a permit?

You are eligible for your Instruction Permit when you meet all the following requirements:

  • 15 years of age
  • Completion of 30 hours classroom or On-Line instruction AND/OR currently attending a classroom session
  • Completion of the MV3001 form
  • MV3001 forms can not be issued prior to a student attending or in the process of attending a classroom session
  • All fees must be paid in full before receiving the signed MV3001 form

What is the MV3001 form and where do I get it?

The MV3001 form is the document that verifies a student has fulfilled the 30 hour curriculum, and is 15 years of age or older. The MV3001 form must be signed by a Law Dogs Driving School representative before going to the local DMV. Students can NOT get the signed MV3001 form prior to the start of their classroom session per state statutes. You will receive the MV3001 form electrically upon completion of the 30 hour course. 

How can I study for the permit test?

You will be armed with all the information you need by taking our 30 hour classroom or On-Line course.

If you would like to obtain an Instruction Permit prior to the classroom course, we highly recommend reading the Wisconsin Motorists Handbook. This handbook contains the information needed to successfully pass the Instruction Permit exam. The Wisconsin Motorist Handbook is available online to read or you may download the e-handbook from the DMV website.

What documents do I need to take to the DMV for the permit test?

Students need a certified copy of their birth certificate, social security card, and a Third piece of Documentation with their name and address printed on it... and a completed MV3001 form. If you do not have a social security card, you will need your social security number and a second form of ID. The DMV will charge you a fee for the Instruction Permit.

I have taken the class and I have my permit. Now what?

You are ready for the Behind the Wheel portion of our curriculum. All students must have one drive time within the first 60 days of receiving the Instruction Permit per state regulations. It is the student and parents responsibility to schedule and keep the required driving lessons in order to complete within the 6 month period. Go to www.Schedule2drive.com to sign up for drive lessons.

I have scheduled a drive time, but I need to cancel it. What do I do?

You need to log into Schedule2drive to cancel it. As long as you do this within 12 hours of your scheduled drive, you will not incur the cancellation fee of $50.

How do I schedule my road test?

As of todays date, The WI DMV is allowing parents to waive the Road Test.  Log on to the DMV website and fill out the Student Road Test Waiver.  No Road test is needed after the Waiver is filled out.

Visit any Wisconsin DMV office, or go online to:http://www.dot.state.wi.us/drivers/drivers/schedule.htm

You can schedule your test approximately 11 weeks prior to your desired test date.

When am I eligible for my license?

You can take your road test with the DMV or road test waiver, when you have reached the following requirements:

  • Successful completion of 30 required classroom hours
  • Successful completion of 12 hours of instructed BTW
  • You have held your permit for a minimum of 6 months

What information do I need when I go to the DMV for my road test?

You need your Social Security number, the drive log indicating that you have completed a minimum of 50 BTW hours, and your Temps. After your final drive, LawDogs will enter your information into the State data base to show you completed your BTW lessons.